Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Last Call

I am going to call it a night, but before I do, I wanted to get some thoughts down about my day today. Today I was in a meeting with one of my introvert techie friends.  She is reading the book Quiet, and we are conducting informal book study conversations.  I really enjoy talking to her about introvert tendencies.

I spoke to her about blogging.  She told me a number of times that she would blog, but never did.  She went to a technology conference and someone that she was following on Twitter advised her to start blogging.  She met this person face to face.  She told me that she thought of me when those words of encouragement came out of the lady's mouth.

Two days ago, she said she stayed up late and blogged.  She said she felt much peace about doing it and is trying to let go of the "perfection syndrome" about not blogging because it wasn't so perfect.  I told her that her message and getting her voice out there is far more important than being perfect. She is letting that part of her go and is blogging!

I think that this phenomena of blogging and tweeting is very interesting.  Susan Cain has spoken about the fact that introverts are drawn to blogging and the digital world. I know that I am and I love to talk to other people who are drawn to it as well. I also know that I was a mad blogger the last 4 years or so, but I slowed my roll, due to road blocks in my life. I allowed these road blocks to stifle my reflection time and my creativity.  Because of my talks with this fellow introvert, I have drawn inspiration from her.  When I take the time to blog and just let go of my inhibitions and glitches in the way, then blogging calms me and allows me to be introspective in a deeper realm.  That is what I need right now as I transition from an uncomfortable job, to move happily to another job that is better suited for what I need to do and accomplish. I am moving to a job where I will be able to free my spirit, be creative and have some down time with the people that are a part of the Quiet Revolution. It will be refreshing to be around people who "get me."  It has been a long time coming.  Let's say two years coming.  Last call and I am ready to shut down and get some serious zzzzs.

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  1. The quiet revolution...that is what I am fighting from within myself. I am having a quiet revolution and need to use my words to revolt. I appreciate the soft voice of those who encourage and provide meaningful reasons why I should remain quiet no more. Although I am struggling with sharing my thought's and ideas for fear of judgement, I will take my chances when my heart cannot be silent. Now is one of those moments. Your words urge me to act. And every moment you enter my mind, I am reminded of how much I want to say. So, right now I am blogging in a way that is comfortable for me. But please don't give up on me. :)