Sunday, February 8, 2015

Checking In

I am just checking in after a somewhat busy weekend.  I have taken my Sundays and have tried to make them complete down days. I really need some down time or I feel that I might just explode.  Yesterday I worked all morning with a 2 groups of students on discovering the joy of writing.  Oh, how I love to do that!  It energizes me!  I got to work with some awesome colleagues. Then when I arrived home, I crashed for a few hours.  After that I wanted to spend some quality time with my daughter so we binged watched a few shows on Netflix.  I really enjoy spending time with her.  Sunday came around and it flew by.  We went out to eat late morning and then I got into reading a few books and posting like a crazy person in my virtual book clubs.  I really like to do this.  It is fun, but my day is gone and I haven't had a chance to continue my journey with Quiet.  I am on page 203 and my journey is almost over!  I am feeling a little sad, because I want to read more on this. I guess I will look at the notes and find something related to this. Perhaps some more research will fuel the fire that I have felt has become ignited within.  I will check in later!  Find your quiet!  Get your down time and don't apologize for being wonderfully introverted!  It is a gift!

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