Monday, December 8, 2014

Needing Down Time

Talking about my findings from this book is a joy.   I have opened a gift of great value and I need to share it.  Share it I have. I have shared this with many different people that are like me.  The funny thing is that they are fascinated by it and can't wait to buy it themselves.  One person snapped a photo in their iPhone.  Another looked it up on Amazon during a break at one of my workshops and bought it. Today, I had the book on a table, while I was unpacking my computer.  A lady that I didn't know walked by and commented on it.  "That's a great book!  I bought it for my sister!" No doubt it has touched many people's lives and has given them the answers about themselves. My brother in law is so very interested in it.  I told my sister about it and she told him all that I was learning.  He is definitely an introvert.  He far more introverted than I am.  We share many of the same traits though.  I remember talking with him about weekends.  I told him that I do not like having any plans during my weekend.  It is my time to decompress and chill, if you will.  If I don't have my down time, then I am no good to anyone.  He agreed with me.  He also agreed that making small talk is worse than root canals and the silence and lull in the conversation.  I abhor small talk.  More to post later.

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