Friday, December 5, 2014

Blogging and Being an Introvert

How could a person who is an introvert love to blog?  Isn't that counter intuitive?  Should an introvert not want to put themselves out there?  Funny as it may seem, blogging and "putting yourself out there" is a safe place.  I love to blog even though I may not do it all the time.  How is it that introverts are drawn to the Internet and social media? It is a comfortable environment. First of all, there are no people to interrupt you.  The stimulus is less and it can be a peaceful, yet exhilarating experience.. I am an introvert and at times, blogging is my stress reliever and way to get my ideas out there.  Lord knows that I have tons of thoughts racing through my mind for weeks before they come out on the page. Lots of thoughts, words, ideas and time process.  Love it!  Here is a post from my blog  I wrote about the book Quiet and how it has helped me understand and accept my gift of being an introvert.

Introverts from Just Write Baby 1,2,3...go!

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